Hotel or Motel?

Just about everyone has stayed in a hotel at some point, whether it's for business, a holiday or visiting family. Hospitality has been offered to travelers since Biblical times; today the hotel industry is one of the UK's largest employers.

Hotel or Motel?

In general, a hotel is larger than a motel and typically has more amenities and extras. Motels are aimed more at people travelling who want a clean and convenient place to stay, often for just one night and the concept has its roots in the United States, where motels first became popular in the 1930s. Motels are designed for easy in and out access, often with the parking space immediately outside the window, and many of them are located along busy roads, at airports and ports. Hotels can be located anywhere, from major cities to the heart of the countryside or overlooking the beach. As a general rule, motels don't offer the same amenities as hotels, and you may not find room service, a concierge, valet parking or a fitness centre at your motel. In the US, the motel is something of an institution; many of the original motels were designed to look like castles, wigwams or other structures and today many are considered to be historic and unique architecture.

The Star Rating System

The star rating system for hotels, guest houses and motels in the UK was devised in 1912 by the AA (Automobile Association) to give travellers an accurate idea of what to expect. The system has been refined over the years, most recently in 2007, although there are still differences between different countries. 4 star hotels in derry may not have the same degree of cleanliness and comfort, or offer the same amenities as 4 star properties in other European countries.

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And the star system really only tells you the amenities, extras and features that a hotel offers - it doesn't always really tell you about the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the food or the comfort of the bed.

Why Stay In a Hotel?

You probably stay in a hotel or motel because you have to - often it makes a convenient resting place on a long journey by road, and hotel rooms are useful when visiting friends or family with no spare bedroom. Hotels have also become a convenient place to conduct business or host meetings; many cater almost entirely to those travelling on business, offering a selection of meeting and conference rooms, and the ability to check email, scan and create documents and anything else that can be done at the office. However, staying in a hotel can also be pleasurable too, and the short break at a good hotel is as popular as ever. These breaks typically include a room and meals, often along with extras such as theatre tickets or admission to a local attraction. Staying a night or two in a luxury hotel is still one of the best ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or just to treat someone special.